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last day on tour, las vegas [21 Sep 2014|02:16pm]
With Vegas being the last show before they left the country next month for a show on the 3rd, Jared was a but relieved they had a bit of a break until they headed out again. It was always nice was he was able to have all four kids watching, his wife and of course Ashley who always supported Shannon. Once Jared checked in his and the families own private suite, he was crawling on the ground chasing all the kids around while he had sent Ashley and Kimberly both out to get pampered considering it was Vegas and he loved spoiling his wife and her best friend. He didn't want her to do all the work all the time, he was a good dad and did all the work he had to do, even if he was busy. "Where's ma ma huh? Where is she?" He asked, before snapping a photo of all the kids trying to chase him as best as they could.
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